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Consulting Services

Using our comprehensive accounting and systems expertise, we help you to evaluate your current business environment and assess ways to improve efficiencies and controls.  We have extensive knowledge in setting up new accounting systems as well as electronic document management systems (EDMS).    With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in the Blackbaud product Financial Edge as well as the products PaperSave and Reporting Xpress.

Things we can do for you:

  • Providing a check list for use in assessing new accounting systems

    • Assistance understanding the capabilities of Financial Edge in detail​

    • Assistance understanding the modules available in Financial Edge and relevance to your operations

  • Assistance setting up policies and procedures for daily operations

  • Review and analyze spendable policy and payout rates

  • Assessing endowment fees

  • Assessing current processes and assistance transitioning those processes to new systems

  • Providing a check list for setting up new accounting systems

  • Assistance setting up customized reports

    • Budget reports​

    • Financial reporting

    • Donor reporting

    • Operational reporting

    • Management reports

    • Investment reporting

    • Custom Visual Chart Organizers (VCOs)

  • Guidance for allocations​

    • Investments​

    • Fees

    • Spendable

  • Observing current processes and recommending ways to make those processes more efficient

  • Assessing internal controls and making recommendations for improvements

  • Transitioning payment method from paper checks to electronic funds transfer

  • Record Management and Cleanup

  • Project Management - set up and maintenance

  • Maximizing use of attributes in Financial Edge

  • Pledge valuation

  • Events - processing and recording

    • EventBrite​

    • BiddingforGood

  • Real Estate - tracking and reporting​

  • Debt - reporting

  • Creation and operations of subsidiaries (LLCs)

  • Creation and revisions of accounts payable policies.

  • Creation of accounting forms and checklists

    • Deposit forms​

    • Check request forms

    • Transfer request forms

    • New Account/New Project set up

    • Cash Advance Forms

    • Accounts Payable Forms

      • Meals​

      • Mileage

      • Honorariums

  • Credit card use - policies and management​​

  • Budget Preparation

Please contact us if you need assistance with any of the above or something that is not listed.

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